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August 11, 2012


Lisa Livingston

I can tell people just do not like to tell their RAK and I am one of them ... But since there seems to be just a few here I'll share one of them I did in Essie ' honor -- hubby & I went to the fair here in Cookeville Tn. & for the 1st time since I was a little girl , I threw the ping pong ball into the fish bowl !! Low & behold I won a fish --- there was a little boy waiting his turn behind us . I asked the people running the show to pass the " winning fish" on to the little boy --- & they did !! I know this is too late for any drawing but something's r meant to be!!!

Lorna Faircloth

I know this is late, and I don't usually tell my RAK, but thought I'd share this...

First thing is I always make cards for people, even some I have never met. They may be relatives or friends of friends going through hard times, but that is just something I do and truly enjoy.
I forgot about this RAK thing for Mz Essie (Sorry Essie) until...well, we get in the middle of the story. My daughter called from our Church and asked what I was doing (yesterday) and that there was a lady (she doesn't know her) that was having wicked pain due to a kidney stone (big one) and didn't think she could drive herself to Sacred Heart and has no family here (she hasn't been here long). So I call her and she's just grateful that someone can take her. I think it was about 11am when I picked her up. We're sitting in the waiting room of the ER and that is when it hits me that it is Essie's b'day and what you asked to "give" her. :) Long story short, I finally left the hospital just after 6pm after sitting in the room with her all that time, (except to run to the store for something cause I was not feeling well myself) then they had said she was being admitted and we were just waiting for a room. Tonight they do surgery. So, I got to help someone in need and made a friend too. :)
HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY ESSIE. Sorry I didn't get on and tell you yesterday. I was VERY tired when I got home. Hugs...Lorna
PS...No pictures of that..sorry. Maybe I can take a pic of her kidney stone. ;) I do have pictures of my cards, but that might be boring. :)

Lauralee Williams

Ok scrappers and FB friends here's my RAK in honor of Essie Mack's Birthday. It's not much ,BUT I think the lady was GREATFUL. I was in Wal-Mart picking up a few things and this lady was on the same isle in a wheel chair . I asked if I could get her something. She said ,"yes and thank you." I also asked if she needed anything else and she said she was done. We did not ended up in the same line ,
but I saw here as I was leaving & she was telling the cashier ( that I was the one that helped her)and also that she really doesn't look forward to coming here an a weeking bases ,due to the fact that no one ever offers any help Not even employees. The cashier said it is sad when people are in such a hurry that no one even stops to help others . Happy Birthday Essie hope it's a great one.

Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman

I love this idea! My act of kindness was to babysit my grandson while his parents worked on their yard on Sunday evening.

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