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August 10, 2012



Well, I was waiting to let others post their rak, but the clock is ticking.....
We went to Books A Million this weekend and I left 4 notes with $5.00 gift cards in books for some very lucky readers! I hope they go to someone who needs them. I also paid for breakfast for a couple of very cute kids, when their debit card wouldn't work!
I have been wanting to share a rak someone else shared with my husband and I. A few weeks back, it was VERY HOT and our car broke down! We were in between Bluewater Bay and the College on the new bypass. We were there for almost 2 hours! Six people stopped to check on us! I was amazed that 2 of them were women! (Most women are afraid to stop) 2 military guys on motorcycles! And then one guy that stopped, went to the store, bought us 2 big bottles of icy Dasani water and came all the way back to give it to us! That made my day, he didn't have to do it, he was probably on his way home! Really restored my faith in people, and I hope hes gets repaid a million times! Thank you nice man! :)
Ok crafters, don't be shy, PLEASE Share what your rak was! Hugs Lisa B


Posted for Carol Smith
Lisa this is what I did for the RAK for Essie. I know many kids need lunch money for school so I wrote a check for a couple of them and will take it on Mon. They won't know who gave it and that is how I like it. Thanks for thinking of do
ing this for Essie. What a marvelous idea. However, I like what the bible says about not letting your right hand know what your left hand does. I like to keep my RAK'S secret. We try to do at least one RAK daily and it can be anything. Many of them don't cost anything but a little time.Picture on facebook page!

Barbara Roberts

My random act of kindness was at work today it was super busy and I put in a coworkers entire patient VS list for her without saying anything. It was 17 sets and we were both behind in our work. She was so surprised and I jsut blew it off as if it were nothing. It flet good to do this for her.

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